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A new Motorway Service Area, proposed by Extra on the M25 between Junction 16 & Junction 17.

Extra have previously proposed a MSA on the west side of the M25 between junctions 16 & 17. Following a recent public inquiry, Extra have considered the issues raised by the Planning Inspector and sought ways to address them. As a result of this, the main service area is now proposed to the east of the M25 and significant landscaping will be provided as part of the proposal.

Emerging Concept Masterplan Image.jpg
The Public Safety
Role of MSAs

A significant public safety risk exists on the Western M25

Future Emissions
Reduction Measures

Supporting the roll out of zero emissions vehicles - addressing the challenges of recharging anxiety' on the Motorway network

Extra & Their Approach

Considering any new site holistically, taking account of all aspects of development

A Significant
Public Safety Need

A matter of urgency if fatigue related accidents are to be reduced

Junction 16-17

Finding a suitable location.

Extra has undertaken an extensive search of potential

Working with the Local Community

Deliver significant social and environmental benefits for the local area

Where is the Safety Risk on the M25?

A new MSA located between Junctions 16 and 17 would fill the largest number of safety gaps

Chiltern Chalfont Services

Extra has identified a site of under 40 hectares which focuses on the eastern side of the Motorway between Junctions 16 and 17

Economic Benefit

£1.8 million in annual rates; 310 permanent jobs


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